Saturday, September 15, 2012


It has been a while since I have posted.  I have been too busy trying to get my life ready for a crazy fall.  I have craft shows coming up and children to care for.  It is hard work.  Oh, yeah I also have to clean my house in there.  That sometimes is the last thing I do.

Yeah the very LAST thing.

So Update:
James: Started Pre-k at our local elementary school.
I drove him for like the first two weeks.
Yup that ended.
Now he rides the bus. 

His school is under construction and goes to school about 15 min away, but traffic is a pain!
Need I say more.

He LOVES the bus!
He also LOVES eating the cafeteria food.
Complaining? Nope.  HE doesn't like what I make anyways.

Elizabeth: Started dance classes.  Hates it.  Loves it.  Yes a bite bi-polar about it.
Likes picking on everyone.  Loves TV, sand, paint, making messes, and loving on me.

Nora: Is a climber.  Everything she can climb she does then when she is stuck she cries for me to find her.
She loves things her way.
Don't mess with her.
She also loves to CUDDLE!!!
Elizabeth she can take or leave, but I hope this changes and they are stuck at the hip, soon.

Adam: Filled out his Fulbright Scholarship. 
 Meaning he has to do these paperwork thing a few interviews, etc.
If he gets said scholarship we get to go as a family to Lithuania for 10 months.
He will study and work on his thesis and I will enjoy Europe.
I hope he gets this opportunity.
This will boost his career in the right direction.

Me: Same old.  Being a mom, having my own little craft business, and joined the PTA.
Now I am a grown-up. 
It is actually fun.
I am going to help get some items for James school auction.
I will be making an original piece of art for it.
Hope someone buys it.

That is us in a nut shell.
Until next time.

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Aubrey said...

Wendy! Your family is growing so much! You look as beautiful as ever:) Say hello to Adam for me.